The Franciscan Monastery (Garden Guild) volunteers harvest over 6,000 pounds of vegetables, fruits and herbs each year which go to religious communities in the District of Columbia as well as food banks and homeless shelters throughout the City.​
SOME (So Others Might Eat) is located at 70 O Street NW in the District of Columbia.The Mission of SOME is a community based organization that helps the 8,240 poor and homeless in our nation's capital. SOME meets the immediate needs of the people serving food, clothing, health treatment and counseling to the poor, the elderly and people with mental illness.

Those wishing to volunteer their time to this wonderful organization can email and schedule a date/time/activity.
Volunteers have been serving meals to those in need since 1970. This organization has since opened up a medical and dental facility, a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center and housing for low income residents.